Reppin’ Indonesia

I have never been the most patriotic person but living in another country for a year has made me appreciate Indonesia’s beauty more and more…… I’m talking about the food lol. Indonesian people know how to cook. Sooooo why are you looking at pictures of me instead of delicious food?!?! I thought it was about time for me to realize that there are other things that I should be proud of other than Indonesia’s unbelievably amazing food, for example, batik. To be honest, I have never been a fan of batik because I don’t think the batik designs in the market are very flattering. I think this is part of the reason why I rarely see people wearing batik on a daily basis. It’s always been what you wear to work or formal events. This is why I decided to look for a batik that is wearable for places other than formal events or work:

The top I’m wearing above is from the brand called Sejauh Mata Memandang, which I purchased in Alun-Alun at Grand Indonesia. This is actually a batik scarf, but I love the color and beautiful batik pattern on it. So I just folded it into a triangle and tied a knot at the front to make it into a top. Then I paired it with a yellow linen trouser from Zara.

For me, it’s hard to find batik that I like not because of the batik pattern itself, but because of the design of the top, skirt, etc. If you ever find a batik pattern that you like on a scarf, just buy it and you can do so many things with it (top, skirt, bandana, etc). I am so glad I found Sejauh Mata Memandang because they have amazing batik that is vv cute, modern and wearable for day to day.


Other stores that I found to have modern batik are Bobobobo and Zalora. I found a few that I liked, so I’ve put the links to it below. Anyway, my point is, for my fellow Indonesians, I think batik can also be trendy and cute for everyday wear <3 I will definitely be buying more batik and wearing it more often now!