💸 Your Ultimate Shopping Guide 💸

Hi, my name is Thesia and I am addicted to shopping. JK, it's mostly just looking at clothes otherwise I'd be so damn broke... JK again, I am always broke because I cannot resist and end up buying at least one item lol 😩.  Seriously, am I the only one who spends hours browsing clothing websites?! … Continue reading 💸 Your Ultimate Shopping Guide 💸

⚡️Current Lusts⚡️

I have an unhealthy habit of wanting a lot of things every month...maybe every day lol. But it's been worse lately and I am blaming the Internet for providing the means for us to see everything on our devices!! Summer means new clothes and new everything, right?! (not really, Thesia, no) I've put where to buy these … Continue reading ⚡️Current Lusts⚡️

📺 Vintage Finds 📺

There is nothing more satisfying than finding something that you actually LOVE in a vintage store. I've been vintage shopping for a few times, but I have never actually found and purchased pieces that I liked. It was always just a fun thing that I did. But this time, I actually found two pieces that … Continue reading 📺 Vintage Finds 📺

🌞 Sunny Day Out in Rotterdam, Netherlands 🌞

My first year of university is finally over, which means summer is here! Before heading back to Jakarta, Indonesia, I visited my boyfriend in Rotterdam, Netherlands. It's a city just 40 minutes away by train from Amsterdam. It's not a city you come to when you're a tourist, but I love it here. Every corner of … Continue reading 🌞 Sunny Day Out in Rotterdam, Netherlands 🌞

🍒Current Favorites🍒

These items aren't just favorites of the month. These have been my favorites for months! I have been wearing ALL of these products religiously and so I thought I would share it because I seriously love all of these items so much. 1. Pop & Suki Camera Bag (£187.93 with customization)  I purchased this bag a … Continue reading 🍒Current Favorites🍒

Parisian Weekend 🌹

Bonjour! Coucou! Quoi de neuf?   The only french words I know other than Merci or Madame or Monsieur lol. This weekend I had a short trip to Paris to celebrate (again) finishing my first year of uni. It was a very productive and wonderful four days of french cafes and brasseries, the Eiffel Tower, … Continue reading Parisian Weekend 🌹