💸 Your Ultimate Shopping Guide

Hi, my name is Thesia and I am addicted to shopping.

JK, it’s mostly just looking at clothes otherwise I’d be so damn broke…

JK again, I am always broke because I cannot resist and end up buying at least one item lol 😩.  Seriously, am I the only one who spends hours browsing clothing websites?! The same old brands like Zara, Topshop, H&M, etc are still amazing, but I’ve gotten bored of opening the same websites again and again. For me, I’m always looking for new brands to look at because they might have a different “personal style” that also work as inspiration! So, I thought that there must be someone else like me who wants to branch out. Here are ten brands that I’ve found that you might love:

1. Nobody’s Child 


Nobody’s Child is relatively new to the industry, only being launched in 2015. I discovered this brand through its Instagram and right away loved everything on their website. Their goal is to give their customer’s “tomorrow’s fashion”, so they are always going to be on-trend. I’ve bought a few things from them and I can truly say their stuff are so great. It’s affordable and trendy. What more can you ask for?!

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2. He Official


I can’t find much information about this brand, but I discovered them through their Instagram and thought it was such a cute little shop. It’s a London based fashion brand that sells casual and minimalistic, but stylish pieces. I think the prices are pretty affordable as well, all being less than £50. So, if you’re into very minimalistic clothing, you might love this!

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3. Realisation Par


Realisation Par is probably one of my favorites from this list. The founders created individual pieces rather than collections because every piece is supposed to be a special addition to your wardrobe. Their pieces are so beautiful and unique, probably why it’s so expensive 😦 But if you’re willing to spend more, check them out.

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4. Rat and Boa 


Rat and Boa is also similar to Realisation Par, in terms of its concept of bringing its customers special pieces that are “wearable, eclectic, sexy, and fun”. It is expensive but less expensive than Realisation Par. They sell amazing and bold dresses that you probably won’t see anywhere else.

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5. ASOS Marketplace 


I don’t think a lot of people know about this, but ASOS Marketplace is a part of ASOS where independent boutiques can sell their pieces. You can also find vintage pieces here like Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Adidas, etc. If you want vintage pieces, but don’t have access to vintage stores or too lazy to go thrifting then go to ASOS Marketplace because they have a lot of cool stuff.

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6. The Style Club 


The Style Club is a super cool brand inspired by vintage shopping and underground artists. The brand creates limited edition collections that say and means something more. You might have even seen the Girl Power Tee on Instagram…it’s from this brand! Every piece designed is inspired by their love of vintage and art and is meant to inspire you to express yourselves ❤ You can also shop their pieces from ASOS, Urban Outfitters, Nordstorm, and American Eagle.

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7. Rarely 


A brand designed in Madrid, Spain, Rarely offers effortless style and casual tees, sweatshirts, etc. I would say that their pieces are quite expensive, but the brand promises amazing quality. Their tees, specifically, are so simple, but so trendy. The brand itself lives up to its name.

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8. & Other Stories 


I think this brand is getting more and more popular, but I just had to include them anyway, just in case. The brand has three ateliers in Paris, Los Angeles, and Stockholm. From Paris, their designs capture the iconic French girl. From Los Angeles, it represents the Californian girl’s way of life. And from Stockholm, the brand gives a “contemporary take on the pragmatic Scandinavian soul”. How amazing does that sound?! I would say their stuff are ranging from medium to high priced. But you can definitely compare this brand to brands like Topshop or ASOS.

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9. We Are Cow 


This brand is pretty bold if you can’t tell…They are the online version of their Cow Vintage stores around the UK. The brand handpicks pieces that are trending at the moment from catwalks, street style, etc. For good quality vintage pieces, the brand is affordable. They also offer reworked and handmade pieces along with one-off vintage pieces. If you’re looking for a bold and rare piece to add to your wardrobe, check We Are Cow and you might find something that you love.

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10. Storets 


If you’re looking for on-trend, stylish, and high-quality fashion, Storets is a great brand for it. The brand sells in-house designs but also selects pieces from certain fashion labels that are sophisticated, fun, and elegant. It’s not as affordable as I’d like it to be, but I think the prices are reasonable. The brand offers a variety of styles, so you’ll definitely find at least one that you love here!

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Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 3.20.31 PM

Sooo the company called Thieves reached out to me and invited me to be one of their curators on their site. Thieves is a curated list of the best products on AliExpress, which is an online retail service (similar to Ebay or Amazon) owned by the Alibaba group (largest wholesaler dealer). The products on AliExpress are taken straight from the wholesale manufacturers to your doorstep. So, the items are much cheaper than what you pay in store. Despite this, AliExpress doesn’t have the best reputation because some of its suppliers may be unreliable. And I totally agree. SOOO in order to eliminate this lack of trust, Thieves is a site where curators like me select items that we love from Aliexpress that have high ratings and orders. So you don’t have to worry about purchasing from AliExpress! If you want to save some cash, you can start shopping from my page





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