Weekend Getaways on 35mm

Weekend getaways that were probably the worst and best decision I made. It was the worst decision because I had midterms and essays due, but the best decision because…well, because of the pictures you’re about to see. I had my films developed recently and the pictures turned out great, so I thought I would share it here:

London – September 29th, 2017

en route to Vintage Kilo Sale

A super-early bird £3 ticket was SO worth it for the Vintage Kilo Sale. The trip to London was SO worth it. I came 30 minutes late, so most of the good stuff was already taken. But I still managed to buy 4kgs of clothes anyway for a total of £45. If that doesn’t make you want to go, I don’t know what’s wrong with you.

Red jacket from Vintage Kilo Sale 

After a few hours of digging through piles and piles of clothes, I spent the rest of the day strolling through Notting Hill. There were so many shops on the streets from antique shops to souvenir shops to a crepe shop. I know it’s a pretty famous area, but I would definitely have a stroll around Notting Hill from time to time to see the antique shops.

Teignmouth, Devon – November 1st, 2017

The best perk of living in Exeter is that I get to be so close to some of the most beautiful beaches in the UK. Yes, this is in the UK. Teignmouth is only 40 minutes away by train and it felt like I was in Europe or something lol. I didn’t expect the view to be so beautiful at all. Obviously, it’s not Italy or Greece, but pretty amazing to have this just 40 minutes away from me.

They also had this little arcade and it was so old and cute, I had to play! But anyways…if you are thinking of going on a day trip, definitely check out Teignmouth because I mean…look at this view:

I love this picture so much:

Bristol – November 5th, 2017 

This was a last minute trip to Bristol because I found out a few days before that there was a Vintage Kilo Sale on the 5th. Bristol is about 1.5 hours from me, so obviously I chose Bristol over studying for my midterm. I didn’t take a lot of pictures there, except for when I visited the Christmas Steps.

AMAZING faux fur coat I found at the Vintage Kilo Sale. I love it so much.

I’m going to end this post with a picture of me destroying my meal. This was a vegetarian meal from Gopal’s Curry Shack and I’m not even vegetarian, but it was so good. The portion was large (thank god, it wouldn’t have satisfied me if it was a smaller plate of veggies lol) and the flavours were so amazing. Tbh, it would’ve been perfect if it had some meat as well. But highly recommend Gopal’s Curry Shack, even if you’re not vegetarian!

Pictures were taken with a Canon Sure Shot Tele film camera

Your To-Do List in Bali    

Before I move back to the UK, visiting Bali was a mandatory trip. I’m lucky enough to live in a country with tropical islands that many dreams of visiting. So I always try to take advantage of how close I am to Bali because it only takes 1.5hrs on a plane from where I live, so who in their right mind wouldn’t visit if they could? Also, pictures shown here are taken by my 35mm camera because I wanted to capture moments as it is, without having the option to take multiple pictures at once. And it’s also fun lol.

ANYWAYS, I had the best time and I’d like you to have fun as well when you do visit Bali. So this is your mini to-do list in Bali!

1. Stay in Nazeki Villa, Uluwatu

I loved the villa so much, especially for what you pay. To be honest, the location wasn’t in my favor because it was an hour away from the nightlife and cafes/restaurants in Bali. I had two nights out to La Favela (visit if you want to get drunk and have a good time lol) and the ride home was such a pain. Other than that, the Villa is perfect for you if you want to escape and unwind. It’s super close to Uluwatu’s hidden beaches, so that’s a big plus. The price is great for a three bedroom villa with a kitchen and private pool! Everything you see in the villa is so photogenic, so if you’re all about that Instagram life, you would absolutely love this place. My personal favorite part of the villa is probably the hammock because who doesn’t love a hammock in the summer??

2. Tan and Swim in Cabina Bali 

For swimming/tanning, Cabina Bali is the place to go because it also serves great drinks and food. I could stay there all day if I wanted to…but I didn’t. Because I was about to turn into an omelette in that heat lol. The beach club is super cute too. Everywhere I see, there are at least three people taking pics. Great vibes, great music, and a great pool, what else could you ask for?

3. Another Bar/Lounge For You 

Another bar/lounge worth going to is Mrs. Sippy in Seminyak. This one is pretty famous so it is quite crowded and difficult to find an empty table/sofa. But the best part is there is happy hour! Yay. Personally, I prefer Cabina Bali just because it’s a little bit more intimate and less crowded. Nonetheless, a really great place to chill and relax.

4. Another One!

The last (and my most favorite) is The Lawn in Canggu. One thing that stood out for me is the “picnic” tables set up for you to drink and eat. You can swim in the pool while you enjoy your drink or you can also swim on the beach while you watch the sunset! I would 100% come back here next year.

5. Bring Your Camera At All Times 🙁 but also Visit Bali’s Hidden Beaches 

I, sadly, didn’t document my last day because I forgot to bring my film camera lol. So ALWAYS bring your camera!! But anyway, I went to Melasti Beach (10 mins from the villa) and I loved it. Crystal clear water, the sunshine, and good company. 11/10 would recommend if you want a quiet beach. Here are pics that were taken by my iPhone:


Other hidden beaches that I wish I went to are Greenbowl Beach, Balangan Beach, and Bingin beach.

Those are the places I went to that made my short (and sweet) 3-nights trip the best weekend getaway. And I hope you could also add this mini to-do list to your own to-do list when you do visit Bali!! Bali will be everything you hoped for (except maybe the traffic lol) and even better.

Old but Gold

There is nothing more satisfying than finding something that you actually LOVE in a vintage store. I’ve been vintage shopping for a few times, but I have never actually found and purchased pieces that I liked. It was always just a fun thing that I did. But this time, I actually found two pieces that I absolutely love from a small store called Sweet Rebels in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The shop curates unique pieces and I am so glad I visited this store! Here are the two pieces that I found that day:



I was hesitating at first to buy this piece, but I love the pattern. It is sort of out there and kind of grandma-y…but something made me buy it. It’s such a unique and rare piece that I don’t think I can find anything like this! I paired it with a simple white cropped t-shirt underneath to avoid it being too busy. I can also pair it with a bralette or a tube top. The material is thin and flowy, which makes it perfect for the summer. The fit is sort of like a culotte on me because it is oversized, but I quite like it. BUT, I might also alter it so I don’t look like I picked the wrong size lol. The fact that it is borderline ugly…makes me like it even more… am I weird? ANYWAY… this piece is overall (lol) a step out of my comfort zone and something that I am looking forward to wearing!



I ABSOLUTELY love this piece! This is actually a men’s blouse but…I mean…I saw the pattern and I quickly tried it on. I think this is a fun piece I can wear to go to the beach or any day during the summer. I found two ways of styling an oversized blouse like this: you could wear it normally with the tie (picture on the right) or you could pull down the sleeves and create an off the shoulder look (picture on the left)! It’s an easy, thin, and soft material with an amaaazing pattern. It makes me want to go to Hawaii, the beach, drink a coconut, and wear an Aloha shirt. I have never seen patterns like this before. It has palm trees with printed t-shirts ???? what does it even mean?! It’s trippy and confusing, which is why I love it. It’s an easy outfit because you can just wear jeans and you’ll stand out with this printed blouse.



I decided to wear this with a white tube top underneath to add more coverage, but worn alone is perfectly fine as well. I think wearing something underneath it instantly makes it look like you planned out your outfit the night before lol. I paired this combo with high-waisted mom jeans to make it more casual. For the beach, I would pair it with a flowy or an A-line skirt to create an easy, beachy look.

I might be exaggerating but I will cherish these pieces so much because they are so rare and special. Vintage shopping is seriously the best because it is not only cute and inexpensive, but the search for the perfect pieces itself is so much fun!