🌴 Your To-Do List in Bali    

Before I move back to the UK, visiting Bali was a mandatory trip. I'm lucky enough to live in a country with tropical islands that many dreams of visiting. So I always try to take advantage of how close I am to Bali because it only takes 1.5hrs on a plane from where I live, … Continue reading 🌴 Your To-Do List in Bali    

💿 Vintage Finds: Jakarta Edition

WHERE: Pasar Baru If you're from Indonesia, you would know that any place that is called "pasar" is moooost likely going to be ratchet af. And for me, it's not exactly the place where I want to go shopping... But because I need to feed my obsession with thrift shopping, I decided to visit Pasar Baru! … Continue reading 💿 Vintage Finds: Jakarta Edition

🇮🇩 Reppin’ Indonesia

I have never been the most patriotic person but living in another country for a year has made me appreciate Indonesia's beauty more and more...... I'm talking about the food lol. Indonesian people know how to cook. Sooooo why are you looking at pictures of me instead of delicious food?!?! I thought it was about … Continue reading 🇮🇩 Reppin’ Indonesia