Old but Gold: Sweater Weather

OK, let me just say that I have been so obsessed with red lately…I went to the Vintage Kilo Sale a few days ago in East London and the only items that I loved were in the colour red. But I’ve also noticed the trend with red, so at least I’m not the only one obsessing over a colour…right?

Anyways, I feel like it’s getting colder and colder by the minute, so it’s definitely time to stock up on everything knitwear. A cardigan is perfect for the fall weather and more perfect when it’s red! This one is actually a find from the Vintage Kilo Sale. The sleeves are quite oversized on me, but it makes it much more comfortable to wear. My favourite part of this cardigan would probably be the gold buttons that might make it look like a grandma cardigan (it probably was, lol), but it gives it the perfect vintage touch to it.

I love the combination of red and white, so I paired it with an all-white outfit underneath to let the cardigan stand out. I wore a simple white tube top, white skinny jeans, and my Nike Cortez. Which, by the way, have been used and beaten on all of my nights out since Uni started. It needs some pampering, ASAP.

And of course, like everyone else, I am wearing a black wool beret to tie the outfit together! Hats have been my go-to lately because it makes every outfit look so much better. I also wore these retro cat-eye sunglasses, which I thought was going to be useless for the weather, but it turned out to be a lovely, sunny day.


Vintage Finds: Jakarta Edition

WHERE: Pasar Baru

If you’re from Indonesia, you would know that any place that is called “pasar” is moooost likely going to be ratchet af. And for me, it’s not exactly the place where I want to go shopping… But because I need to feed my obsession with thrift shopping, I decided to visit Pasar Baru!

I was skeptical at first as I walked around the dusty hallways of Pasar Baru. There were racks and racks of vintage clothes but it didn’t look promising at all. I noticed that one seller was selling racks of vintage clothes for Rp. 10,000,- (50p!!!) and being the cheap person that I am, I had to look through. The most important thing to remember when you’re vintage shopping is to be EXTRA patient. After going through a few racks of clothes…

Lo and Behold!!!!!


I found this pink suede blouse and what made me grab it was the rusty pink color. It’s in the size large so it’s obviously oversized on me…which I’m not upset about. Thankfully, it’s perfectly oversized.

Tube top: Boohoo

Belt: Topshop

Mom jeans: Zara

Officially my favorite clothing item I’ve purchased this summer. It’s this white jean jacket that’s once again, perfectly oversized!! Love how it looks worn out and vintage looking. I don’t see a lot of white jean jackets in the market so I think it’s a great switch up to the usual denim jacket.


Top: Zara

Leather Skirt: Missguided

Disclaimer: I sent both to a laundrette because who the fuck knows what/who wore this lol.

Definitely going to go thrift shopping again at other places in Jakarta because it’s so damn cheap and I might be lucky enough to find some hidden gems. The experience itself is a lot of fun and you also get to help local businesses! It’s a win-win.

Old but Gold

There is nothing more satisfying than finding something that you actually LOVE in a vintage store. I’ve been vintage shopping for a few times, but I have never actually found and purchased pieces that I liked. It was always just a fun thing that I did. But this time, I actually found two pieces that I absolutely love from a small store called Sweet Rebels in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The shop curates unique pieces and I am so glad I visited this store! Here are the two pieces that I found that day:



I was hesitating at first to buy this piece, but I love the pattern. It is sort of out there and kind of grandma-y…but something made me buy it. It’s such a unique and rare piece that I don’t think I can find anything like this! I paired it with a simple white cropped t-shirt underneath to avoid it being too busy. I can also pair it with a bralette or a tube top. The material is thin and flowy, which makes it perfect for the summer. The fit is sort of like a culotte on me because it is oversized, but I quite like it. BUT, I might also alter it so I don’t look like I picked the wrong size lol. The fact that it is borderline ugly…makes me like it even more… am I weird? ANYWAY… this piece is overall (lol) a step out of my comfort zone and something that I am looking forward to wearing!



I ABSOLUTELY love this piece! This is actually a men’s blouse but…I mean…I saw the pattern and I quickly tried it on. I think this is a fun piece I can wear to go to the beach or any day during the summer. I found two ways of styling an oversized blouse like this: you could wear it normally with the tie (picture on the right) or you could pull down the sleeves and create an off the shoulder look (picture on the left)! It’s an easy, thin, and soft material with an amaaazing pattern. It makes me want to go to Hawaii, the beach, drink a coconut, and wear an Aloha shirt. I have never seen patterns like this before. It has palm trees with printed t-shirts ???? what does it even mean?! It’s trippy and confusing, which is why I love it. It’s an easy outfit because you can just wear jeans and you’ll stand out with this printed blouse.



I decided to wear this with a white tube top underneath to add more coverage, but worn alone is perfectly fine as well. I think wearing something underneath it instantly makes it look like you planned out your outfit the night before lol. I paired this combo with high-waisted mom jeans to make it more casual. For the beach, I would pair it with a flowy or an A-line skirt to create an easy, beachy look.

I might be exaggerating but I will cherish these pieces so much because they are so rare and special. Vintage shopping is seriously the best because it is not only cute and inexpensive, but the search for the perfect pieces itself is so much fun!